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Return To Order

On Friday morning March 11th, the Lord spoke to us concerning the governing authorities in our nation and in the body of Christ. In Romans Chapter 13 the Lord pointed out a critical verse of Scripture when it comes to those who are placed in authority.


4 For he is God’s minister to you for good. But if you do evil, be afraid; for he does not bear the sword in vain; for he is God’s minister, an avenger to execute wrath on him who practices evil.  

The original intent and purpose for governmental authority is to minster to us for good and to execute wrath on him who practices evil. Authority is for protection and order. This protection and order comes as we defend & execute the laws of God in the earth. This is not only God’s original intent & purpose for governmental authority in the political arena, but also for the government of His church. The Lord said to begin to decree and declare His original intent over this nation AND over the body of Christ. In case you haven’t noticed, our governmental authority in the church is also in desperate need of a “house cleaning.” There are many in the five- fold ministry who are leading God’s people astray, and the Lord is calling an end to it in 2016. We are no longer influencing the world, but their influence has impacted and crept into the church body to a point where we are defending evil and have become the agents of compromise.


Then the Lord took us to Isaiah 58 which gives specific direction for fasting  with an outcome of what He termed as an “anointed fast.” People fast for many different reasons, but the Lord is calling us on a holy fast & time of intercession for this nation and the body of Christ. It is the kind of fast that He desires in this hour. It’s anointed because it will cause the release of a breaker anointing to go forth and break the bands of wickedness and evil that has been set up in the government of our nation and in the church body. Whenever the anointing goes forth it (HE) removes burdens and destroys yokes The Lord has asked us to begin a fast EVERY Wednesday that will impact the government of this nation and the church body in a mighty way.


Those who participate will see a great reward from God in this hour. There is a remnant that is being raised up in this hour, who will turn the tide of the nation and the body of Christ. It’s time to get our minds off of houses, cars our building project, programs and how many people attend our churches. It’s time for the redeemed of the Lord to rise up and set things back in order. Will you join us? Believers and churches across the nation will be joining us in this endeavor. We will fast (water only) for the entire day & declare the mandate given. We will do this every WEDNESDAY, for the rest of this year beginning March 16th.  If medical reasons prevent your from participating in this manner , then do a fast that is suitable for your health.  Every Wednesday we will post our area of focus so that we are in one accord and praying the same thing. One will put a thousand to flight but two will put ten thousand to flight! We WILL see the hand of the Lord move mightily in this earth as WE join together as one in fasting and exercise our God-given authority through the prayer of declaration. Thank you for joining us.

5 Comments  to   Return To Order

  1. Charlotte woods says:

    Thank you for being the forerunner for such a time as this. There’s Powe in prayer. Fasting and praying for these kind.

  2. Janet says:

    Would love to join you on this…thank you for sharing, God Bless

  3. Liz Mulandi says:

    Thank you for sharing the heart of Christ. I will join the Wednesday fasting.

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