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Our Vision

Vision Statement:

Oil and the Glory Ministries is committed to teach people how to Encounter His Abiding Presence; walk in the glory of God daily and demonstrate the power of His word.


Mission Statement:

Impart, Promote and Demonstrate

Oil & The Glory Ministries desires to be a vessel to carry the knowledge of the glory of God all over the earth through an Impartation of His anointing,  Promotion of His Presence and Demonstration of the power of His Word through signs and wonders.


How We Achieve this Vision & Mission:

Hosting His Presence:  Hosting His Presence is a God ordained commission with the sole purpose of creating an atmosphere for the Holy Spirit to minister to people as He desires.  These predestined appointments are for those who are hungry to encounter the abiding presence of God. It is for those who are desperate to walk in the power of what we read in Scripture, and carry the glory of the Lord throughout this earth.

Hosting His Presence is marked by the oil of His anointing and the presence of His glory.  This atmosphere of His glory will birth creative miracles, divine healing, apostolic declarations and impartations, a release of His anointing, prophetic Worship and life changing teaching of the Word of God.


Oil and Glory Publishing: The mandate of Oil & the Glory Publishing is to release His voice to the nations through books which advance the Kingdom of God and perpetuate His agenda throughout the earth.


OTG Consulting: OTG Consulting serves churches, Christian schools, para-church ministries and non-profit agencies in providing a vast array of ministry consulting services; specializing in leadership and worship development.


Vanguard Theological Seminary: Vanguard Theological Seminary is an Apostolic School of Global Mission. “Leading the Kingdom Forward” expresses our mission of being divinely sent to train, equip and mobilize believers for global evangelism, discipleship and to spread the glory of God throughout the earth.